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The Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) provides a forum for IEEE volunteers to demonstrate the application of engineering, science and mathematics concepts by sharing their real-world experiences with local pre-university educators.

IEEE offers training workshops for its volunteers on how to provide in-service programs to local pre-university educators.


What is the Teacher In-Service Program (TISP)?

TISP functions essentially as a professional development workshop aimed at helping teachers bring exciting hands-on engineering lessons into their classrooms. Once trained, IEEE volunteers can connect with pre-university schools in their local communities to deliver the hands-on program.


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What are the goals of TISP?

The program's goals are to:

  • Empower section volunteers to collaborate with their local pre-university community
  • Promote applied inquiry-based learning
  • Enhance the level of technical literacy of pre-university educators
  • Encourage pre-university students to pursue technical careers, including engineering
  • Increase the general level of technical literacy of pre-university students throughout their educational careers.

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IEEE volunteers serve as champions for technological literacy

Through TISP, IEEE volunteers help support engineering education and the development of future engineering students by:

  • Increasing the level of technological literacy in local school districts
  • Contributing to the establishment of pre-engineering programs
  • Facilitating enhancements in school science and technology curricula
  • Developing collaborative relationships with educators
  • Exposing more female and minority students to technology-related professions.

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