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A resource for IEEE-HKN chapter and IEEE student branch leaders: The Advanced Learning Workshop (ALW) is a "self-contained" kit to enable IEEE-HKN student chapters, and IEEE student branches, to organize and conduct programs and workshops focused on student learning and academic success.


IEEE Advanced Learning Workshop Discontinuation

Following a strategic review by IEEE of its education activities services and programs, it was decided to discontinue IEEE Advanced Learning Workshop modules. All modules for IEEE ALW will remain available until the end of 2017. Guests and members, please continue to take advantage of IEEE’s other university education resources as well as other services. Check back often for new programs that may be of interest to you.

The ALW Kit
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The ALW Kit contains:

  • An easy-to-follow "how-to" guide that covers all of the topic areas from "Planning Your Workshop" to conducting the "Assessment" so that you can plan and offer academic learning programs at your institution
  • A library of nine modules designed to address identified student academic needs so that you can pick and choose the topics most appropriate for your institution and students
  • Presenter scripts, worksheets, and other materials so that with a little preparation, students can make the presentations themselves

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The ALW Module Library

Communications 101: This module is designed to acquaint students with the different academic communications requirements; to assist students in becoming more effective communicators; and to prepare for the communications requirements necessary to succeed in the workplace.

Dealing with a Difficult Professor: This module is designed to help students explore and understand the issues surrounding "difficult" professors; provide them with strategies to deal with a difficult professor; and offer guidance on how students can take control of their own education.

Time Management: This module is designed to assist students in taking ownership of their daily lives by focusing on time-management steps to help students develop, understand, and create personal goals; set priorities and connect personal goals to a schedule; and to develop and maintain a personal schedule in order to achieve those goals.

Managing Stress: This module is designed to help students recognize the signs of stress and to develop strategies to cope with different types of stress. Topics covered include: the symptoms of stress; determining the level of stress; the causes of stress; and the coping mechanisms for alleviating stress. The objective is to enable students to take control so they can avoid stressful situations, but when they do arise, to have the ability to deal with the stress and mitigate its impact so they can enjoy their daily lives.

Preparing for Exams: This module is designed to prepare you with test taking techniques for various types of exams; help you understand the keys to successful exam preparation; and how to cope with exam anxiety

Developing Effective Study Habits: This module is designed to give students an overall summary of what habits would be beneficial, what challenges tend to arise and is specifically geared toward those student focusing on engineering. 

Effective Presentations: This module is designed to reveal styles, proven benefits and general aids in creating effective presentations

Effective Note Taking: This module is designed to help students develop good note taking habits by following three basic guidelines: Observe, Record, and Review

Effective Listening Skills: This module is designed to help students develop good listening skills in class and in life. Hear, Clarify, Interpret and Respond.

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The benefits of using the ALW

For your unit:

  • New program ideas to offer students at your institution
  • Further your unit's objective of supporting the academic betterment of fellow students
  • Reinforce your unit (and IEEE) as a professional resource for students
  • Engage new students in your activities
  • Gain experience as subject-matter expert presenters and speakers.

For students at your institution:

  • Students have access to new academic resources that address academic challenges.
  • Students become more efficient and effective learners.
  • Students learn skills to help them achieve academic success and that are also transferable to the workplace.

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Feedback requested

If you use ALW, your feedback is requested.

In order to improve the content of the modules, create new topic modules, and increase the effectiveness of this program, it is important to get your feedback on any ALW sessions you have held at your institution. Please take a few minutes to complete the online report no later than seven days following your session(s).

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For questions and additional information

Email the Advance Learning Workshop Team at with questions, comments, or suggestions. Please include your name and institution with your inquiry.

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