myieee logomyIEEE is a member's personalized gateway to IEEE membership. Sign in to see all IEEE has to offer. You can:

  • Access Society memberships and subscriptions
  • Connect with local IEEE sections and volunteer leadership
  • Find upcoming conferences
  • Learn about benefits
  • Read the latest news from IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Standards News, and The Institute



myIEEEWith a customizable page of myIEEE modules called "gadgets", IEEE members can organize their favorite myIEEE gadgets exactly how they want it.

Features in this desktop include:

  • Customizable selection of any myIEEE modules and gadgets
  • Multiple layout options with drag-and-drop gadget placement
  • RSS tools to import feeds from IEEE or other content sources
  • Choice of several technology-based themes to further personalize the page

IEEE memberNet is an online search and networking tool that allows members to connect with technical and engineering experts worldwide. This tool can be utilized by members seeking peers who share a common technical interest, membership, or affinity. 

Greeting module

myIEEE greeting moduleMembers are recognized by name, membership grade, member number, and Section. 

Selecting the rolodex icon adjacent the Section name will display its current officers. If the member also serves as a volunteer, it will be noted adjacent their member grade.


New member certificate
Display your membership proudly, with your own IEEE membership certificate. Every active member has access to this for the current membership year. The link to this new feature is located in the Greeting module at the top of the page. Upon clicking on Member Certificate (PDF) from the drop-down menu, a color certificate, that includes your name, grade and year, will automatically be generated and ready to print. area

myieee ieeetv module is an Internet-based television network made possible by the members of IEEE. produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering for the benefit of IEEE’s members and the general public., accessible via myIEEE, is an exclusive benefit of IEEE membership and delivers additional programming for all active IEEE members. The module features new and most viewed programs and videos that you can place in "myTv" via the viewer.

Desktop areas

myieee knowledge tabThe "Knowledge Desktop" is a consolidated area for research and subscription-related benefits. It contains modules for personalized subscription information, searching the IEEE online collection database, an RSS feed citing the ten most downloaded articles from the IEEE Xplore® digital library, and a file cabinet link for subscribers of the IEEE Member Digital Library. 

myieee community tabThe "Community Desktop" provides access to information on local and worldwide networking opportunities, as well as IEEE member grade elevation. This desktop also contains the “mySection” module, which connects members to information on their local section, its officers, and its technical chapters. In addition, the "IEEE Worldwide" module sorts and presents global IEEE activities and contacts by country or IEEE Region. A listing of upcoming IEEE conferences is updated daily, with reference links to conference sponsors and contacts.

myieee profession tabThe "Profession Desktop" enables direct searches of the IEEE Job Site and IEEE-USA Consultants Database, as well as timely announcements on IEEE awards and scholarship opportunities.

My Account

myieee_my_accountThe "My Account" area contains the most commonly used online membership utilities.

Links point to existing applications where members can update their profiles, add services, learn more about elevating their grade, and renew their membership.

My Memberships

myieee my memberships"My Memberships" contains a personalized listing of your Society or affinity group memberships.

Each listing includes a link to a home page and upcoming conferences. To view a home page or upcoming conference, click on the associated title.

Who's Online?

myieee utilities"Who's Online?" shows the list of IEEE members currently signed into myIEEE. 

The "Online\Offline" feature lets you Hide\Show yourself in the "Who's Online?" list. 

Service Advisor feature

This feature is activated once a member has completed his or her Technical Interest Profile (TIP). The Service Advisor matches the member's TIP codes with memberships and publications available from IEEE. Recommended memberships are linked to summaries describing the features and benefits of each membership offering. Recommended publication products are linked to their respective home pages on the IEEE Xplore platform.